With Help of acac Fitness and Wellness Center, SAM Soccer Presents First Ever Fair Play Please Awards!

With Help of acac Fitness and Wellness Center, SAM Soccer Presents First Ever Fair Play Please Awards!

Beginning this past Spring, the SAM Recreational and Select leagues wanted to encourage good sportsmanship at all levels throughout our leagues and we announced Fair Play Please!!,  the new SAM Sportsmanship program!! This program is the beginning of a larger effort to foster an environment that encourages not only player development but also ensures that all players, parents, coaches and referees are treated with respect. One of the goals of Fair Play Please!! is to recognize those teams that demonstrate a high level of positive play and respect for others. 


Our Fair Play Please program has been made possible by our partner acac Fitness and Wellness Centers! "At acac Fitness and Wellness Centers Germantown, our core company values encourage team members to put ‘people first’. We are proud to present the Fair Play Please!! award to the SAM players who demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship this season and who, like our team at acac, put the consideration of others ahead of their own. We congratulate the recipients of this year's awards!" Saturday, acac was present to help present the Fair Play Please awards to the winning coaches and teams! Both SAM Soccer and acac Fitness and Wellness Centers would like to send a congratulations to our winners:


SAM SELECT League Winners:

02 D1 Boys FS-EBB

03 D1 Girls - PPA Tsunami

04 D1 Boys - Crossfire FC

05 D1 Boys - Poolesville Utd FC

06 D1 Boys - Achilles FC

06 D1 Girls - World Class Premier

06 D2 Boys - Sockers

07 D1 Boys - PPA Green

07 D2 Boys - Jamaican Nats

08 D1 Boys - Strikeforce FC

08 D1 Girls - Arrington Training and Development

08 D2 Boys - MD Fusion Dragons

09 D2 Girls - Impact Green

09 D1 Boys - DCYFC United

09 D2 Boys - ESYDA 

SAM RECREATION League Winners:

7U Boys Red - Aschaffenburg

7U Boys White - Kunkle

7U Girls Red - Millin

8U Boys Red - Micioni/Hiscock 

8U Boys White - Rebelatto

8U Boys Yellow - Wright

8U Girls Red - Merrill

9U Boys Red - Kochuba

9U Girls Red - Henry

10U Boys Red - Partain

10U Girls Red - McMahon 

11/12U Girls Red - Porch

11U Boys Red - Fortnite FC

12U Boys Red - Dietz

13/14U Boys Red - Damascus Super Monkeys

13/14U Girls Red - Lalos

HS Boys - Ketcham

HS Girls - Gordon 


We at SAM are excited to continue to promote Sportsmanship to referees, players, spectators, and coaches for many years to come!