The Do's and Dont's of SAM Soccer

This announcement is meant to serve as a guide for the SAM Families on some of the Do’s and Don’ts of the Maryland SoccerPlex and SAM. 

The Do’s

  • Please DO give a COPY of your child’s birth certificate or passport to your coach so that their age can be verified (this is required for all players new to SAM). You will not receive a uniform until we receive proof of age. Once we have seen it and logged it, we return or shred it. Please DO NOT send them to me individually, or give an original. We shred these documents once they have been entered in the system. 
  • Please DO cheer positively for your children. This is pretty self-explanatory but I still feel it is necessary to broach the subject. This program is about positive development for children U7 – U18, and it helps when everyone comes with a healthy attitude. I say it every year: of the complaints I get regarding behavior, 99% of them have to do with the area surrounding the field, and not the action on the field itself.
  • Please DO respect the markings around our fields, as well as the space around our benches and the sidelines. In most circumstances parents sit on one side and coaches and players sit on the other. In instances where this is not possible (U10-U12 on grass fields), we ask you give the bench PLENTY of space to operate. If you are not a coach or a player, you do not belong on the bench.
  • Please DO park in designated parking spaces. Yes, it is crowded here on weekends, but a surefire way to get a ticket is to park along Central Park Circle or up on a walking path or patch of grass. So you may have to make a hike to your field, in which case I say, “Good for you getting some exercise, and please enjoy our beautification projects throughout the park”.

The Don’ts

  • Please DON’T get your child’s ear pierced now or at any point during the season. Referees have jurisdiction over player safety and may ask for them to be removed. According to FIFA Law all jewelry should be removed, that is what we go by as a league and our refs do enforce these rules.
  • Please DON’T bring your dog to the games. Despite the obvious reasons for not wanting to have dogs on or around our beautiful fields (read: waste), the main reason we have a rule that states there are no dogs allowed is because, frankly, not everyone loves dogs. We want to make sure that everyone's time here at the SoccerPlex is a fun and rewarding experience, and for those who may have a case of Cynophobia dogs present an obstacle to that fun time occurring. 
  • Please DON’T wonder off and play on fields that are not being utilized at that moment. These fields remain pristine because of the hard work and dedication of our field crew, and they know when a field needs rest. Please help them keep these fields beautiful and stay off resting fields.
  • Please DON’T bring sugary drinks (Gatorade or sodas) onto the turf fields (18, 19 and 20). The sugar in drinks actually erodes (HEY SCIENCE!) the artificial fibers, and wears it out quicker… Water only please.

Finally, please DO enjoy yourselves, please DO play hard and please DO take advantage of all the fun experiences that SAM, the SoccerPlex and South Germantown Recreation Park have to offer.