Soccer Parenting names SAM Soccer a Club of Winning Culture for TSL Program!

We are very excited to announce that we have received the honor of being selected as Soccer Parenting's Club of Winning Culture! The honor goes to soccer clubs that go above and beyond to ensure a positive atmosphere for the children who are playing the game!

Recently our SAM Recreation Program Manager, Gary Wheeler, sat down with Skye Eddy Bruce of Soccer Parenting Association to discuss SAM Soccer's Team Sportsmanship Liason program, part of our Fair Play Please Program. The Team Sportsmanship Liaison is a volunteer position.  TSLs are asked to serve as a resource for the referee when difficult situations arise during the game. This is a great honor that SAM Soccer has been featured on the Soccer Parenting website and we hope to continue to create a positive atmosphere for our players, coaches, parents, and referees. 

Check out the interview with Gary Wheeler here

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As part of SAM Soccer’s ongoing Fair Play Please sportsmanship program, we have partnered with the Soccer Parenting Association and the You can activate your FREE membership at the link below.

SAM Soccer understands the importance of engaging and educating soccer parents and has therefore secured a club-wide membership to the, the parent education platform from the Soccer Parenting Association. Once you register, you will have complete and free access to the interviews, articles, webinars, e-books, courses and amazing community of level-headed parents at the

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The mission of the Soccer Parenting Association is to inspire players by empowering parents.

· We believe youth soccer parents will be difference makers when it comes to improving the game.   

· We believe when parents seek information about how to best support their player, great things will happen.   

· We believe a collaborative environment between coach, parent, club, and player is in the best interest of player development.

· We believe a strong and supportive community of level-headed and like-minded parents and coaches will inspire players. 

The founder of the Soccer Parenting Association is Skye Eddy Bruce, a former professional player, collegiate coach, active youth soccer coach, speaker and coach educator. Skye is also a soccer parent herself. We are positive that the information you now have access to on the platform will help your child thrive and feel inspired- on the field and in life.